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In Search Of Home

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Our Roots

The Nomads are from across the galaxy, hailing from all walks of life. Built from the ashes of Vargheim Enterprises and around the core of Clan Skelgard.

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Our People

No matter the distance, or the balance, beings have come together in tribes forged from shared ideas and bloodlines. Their bond is scared and stronger than family.

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Our Home

With deep roots on Kiffex and in the Flotilla. Veilhal is a patchwork of ships and cultures united to make its own unique strand of home. Dragramor is the pride of the procession.

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The Foundation

Veilhal Nomadic movement roots can be traced back as far as space travel introduction into the tribal societies on Kiffu and Kiffex. Somewhat isolationist Kiffars, who already were weary of each other and other clans, left their worlds and were exposed to different species, their cultures and customs. Some Kiffars dismissed these alien cultures as a bad influence, growing ever stronger in their xenophobic beliefs, others embraced and with that, they wish to explore more and see more than the hot desert sands of Kiffu or lush plains of Kiffex. The explorer spirit was born. Building great ships and travelling with their families, these Kiffars travelled far and wide, often coming back to their homeworlds and bringing back new stories what it was like out there among the stars. While still majority of Kiffar clans considered them as outsiders and no better than aliens, Clan Skelgard saw more.
With the acquisition of wealth and formation of the company ‘’Vargheim Steel’’, Skelgard elders started to employ these space travelling Kiffars. With their help, great shipyards and stations were built and soon the influence of the Skelgard spread further and further among the stars, which eventually led to the creation of Vargheim Enterprises that employed thousands across the galaxy. As centuries passed, both people changed and eventually merged. Already being shunned by other clans, Clan Skelgard embraced the ideology of these space nomadic Kiffars, while the explorers embraced the warrior and industrious spirit of the clan. The movement was born and identity formed – Veilhal. Setting forges, shipyards and factories to roar all days and nights for years, a mighty flotilla was built. Thus now the people who called themselves Veilhal Nomads set forth as one among the stars.

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